GMAT essayDo you practice analytical writing for your Graduate Management Admission Test? Do you have to prepare a GMAT essay? Now, let us guess the first idea that pops into your mind when you think about GMAT essay writing. You think about finding a couple of GMAT essay examples, right? Then, the information below can be helpful to you.
GMAT essays can be of different types, and you never know what type of essay you will have to write. You should practice writing essays of all types. Some of them are given below. So, take into consideration GMAT essay sample questions and answers.
Argumentative GMAT essay: sample question
Some people believe that university students must attend classes regularly while others think that classes should be optional. What do you think about this problem?
GMAT essay sample
“No doubts, students can gain knowledge from books and articles. However, I strongly believe that in order to have a real university experience, students should gain knowledge from professors and instructors”…
Descriptive GMAT essay: sample question
You have to invent something. What product would you like to invent? Use specific details to explain why your invention is significant.
GMAT essay sample
“If I had to invent something new, I would invent a chemical germ detector with an attached protection kit. This invention is needed because of the chemical terrorism threat that the world faces today”…
Compare and contrast GMAT essay: sample question
Some people believe that children should spend most of their time studying. Others think that children should take their time playing. Compare and contrast both viewpoints and tell what you think about it.
GMAT essay sample
“Every child has the right for a happy childhood. If we force children to study only, we deprive them of these rights” …
You can find more sample essays for GMAT on the official GMAT website. However, never forget that GMAT essay samples cannot be copied or plagiarized. You should also remember about the importance of proofreading an essay.
Besides, you can also read info about an essay synopsis on our blog.
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