essays on education in IndiaWriting essays on education in India means discussing the process of getting an education in India or other education-related issues. A writer should consider the chosen problem thoroughly and express his/her viewpoint on it.
If you need to write an essay on education in India, welcome! In this article, you will find information that can be useful in terms of getting ideas of what to cover in essays on education in India.
So, what problems can you consider in essays on Indian education? Below you will find 3 possible topics.
Essays on education in India: Idea # 1
Write about the impact of religion on education in India
Does religion influence Indian education anyhow? If yes, what do you think about this impact? What can it lead to? Do you think that religion is important for child development? Speculate upon these questions and express your viewpoint in the essay on education.
Essays on education in India: Idea # 2
Write about Bel Bhavas centers
Bel Bhavas are the centers where a child can get support in developing his/her individual abilities (e.g. creativity, sport, etc.). Do you consider Bel Bhavas to be an effective form of education? Why? Explain your point of view in the essay on education in India. You can also compare and contrast the methodology used in Bel Bhavas with the European Montessori, or Waldorf methodologies, in your essay on education in India.
Essays on education in India: Idea # 3
Write about the problems related to primary education in India
As far as you know, primary education in India is less developed than the higher one. Primary schools are beggarly and need financial support from the government. Introduce other related problems in your essay on education in India. You can also touch upon the problem of primary education for the girls living in rural areas. Why is it problematic for them to study at schools? Give an answer to this question in your essay on education in India.
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