art school application essayPRELUDE…
Can you not imagine your life without an easel and painting? Is there at least one picture of yours hanging on the wall? If it is so, art school is waiting for you!
Naturally, your strong desire to enter art school is appreciated. However, it is not enough. You also need to prepare perfect art school application essays that will stand out!
Do you want to know the secrets of writing a wining art school application essay? Then read the information presented below.
First, you need to decide what particular art school you want to enter. Read information and general facts about world art schools. You can use the following link - www. artschools. com
Then, you should think how to present a good art school essay, impress the committee, stand out among the others, and enter the desirable school.
So, here are several tips for writing a readable art school essay:

  • Let your art school application essay be a reflection of your personality;
  • Do not make the art school application essay trite (try to avoid banalities);
  • Do not present a gimmicky art school application essay (try not to exaggerate – write about your real skills, desires, purposes, and life goals);
  • Try to be honest and sincere when writing your art school application essay.

If there is a quote you like most and consider to be a life motto, introduce it and explain what life principles you have, what goals you aim to achieve, etc.
Good luck! We are sure you can prepare art school application essays that will stand out!
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