essay on laughterIf an essay on laughter is what you are struggling with now, this article will certainly arouse your interest.
Do you know about the plant that grows on the Arabian Peninsula called “laughter flower”? The mystery of this plant is that its seed can make people laugh without any reason. Laughter lasts for half an hour, and when a person stops laughing, he/she falls asleep. Dentists give “laughter seeds” to the patients suffering from allergy to Novocain.
Of course, it is not the only fact that you can introduce in the essay on laughter and thus impress everyone. There are many other exciting facts that will help you make your essay on laughter informative, thus, reveal your research abilities.
Do you want to include a couple of them into your essay on laughter? Well, we have several specially for you!

  • The air that breaks out from lungs while laughing moves with 100 km/h speed. So, you can discuss the influence of laughter on lungs and bronchi in your essay on laughter.
  • Laughter raises creativity and ability to solve different problems. It activates the limbic system of brains and joins the left hemi cerebrum with the right one. So, you may talk about the importance of laughter for students during the educational process (especially finals) in your essay on laughter.
  • Sessions of laughter-therapy are widely used in Japanese tuberculosis hospitals. This fact can also raise the reader’s interest. So, include it into your essay on laughter.
  • Dr. Tiso cured children by tickling. Is it not an exciting fact that deserves being mentioned in the essay on laughter? So, do not hesitate to include it into your essay on laughter.

So, go ahead making your essay on laughter informative and creative! Still, do not forget about the importance of proofreading an essay.
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