Cone Gatherers essayThe Cone Gatherers is one of the most famous novels of Robin Jenkins, a Scottish writer. Probably, the fact that it was grounded on the writer’s personal experience during the World War II is the most vivid feature of this novel.
If you need to write The Cone Gatherers essays, you have to read this novel first. In this article, we want to mention several issues you can highlight in The Cone Gatherers essay.
1st Idea for The Cone Gatherers Essays:
It is probably one of the first questions you need to answer in The Cone Gatherers essay. People gathered pinecones in order to get seeds and replant forests destroyed during the war. Why was it so important? Speculate upon this in the essay on The Cone Gatherers.
2nd Idea for The Cone Gatherers Essays:
You may wonder why we advise you use the famous work of Steinbeck in The Cone Gatherers essay. Well, do you not think the plots of both stories are rather similar? The Cone Gatherers is a story about two brothers, Calum and Neil (in Steinbeck’s story we see two friends, Lennie and George). One of them had limited mental abilities. Another wanted to protect the younger one. Find more similarities between these two books while writing The Cone Gatherers essays.
3rd Idea for The Cone Gatherers Essays:
Like in many other stories, there has to be a bad person. In our case, it was Duror. The evil inside him may also be regarded as the main theme of the story. Find out the reasons why he was so evil and present them in The Cone Gatherers essays.
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