debate essayHow should you write a debate essay? It seems to be quite a complicated question for those who face this task for the first time. Is it an argumentative or a persuading essay? So, what do you have to introduce in your debate essay?
We understand that you might have many other questions about debate essays. We are ready to answer them in this article.
So, what are debate essays all about?
A debate essay can be defined as your response to some scientific articles devoted to a certain problem. What is more, in these articles you will find different opinions on one and the same problem.
What topics are usually discussed in debate essays?
Debate essay topics vary greatly indeed. You can be asked to talk about some historic issues, such as the Cold War, as well as you might discuss up-to-date problems, like abortion or gun control.
How should you complete the debate essay?
Most likely, you will have to use the following way of completing your debate essay.
As it was mentioned above, your tutor will give you several articles devoted to a particular issue. This issue will be discussed from different perspectives. What you have to do is to read the articles attentively, evaluate different standpoints on the problem under discussion, and present your understanding of this problem.
What is the main peculiarity of writing debate essays?
In other words, this peculiarity can be called a big advantage of debate essays. You do not have to spend much time looking for necessary material. Your tutor will give everything you need to prepare an A+ debate essay. Just find enough time to study the material provided.
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