George Washington essayGeorge Washington – the first American president, the “father of America,” and a brilliant military commander. It seems like all the possible issues about this personality have been already discussed. Still, writing papers on George Washington remains one of the most frequent assignments students get.
Definitely, papers on George Washington have to be informative and striking. Our mission is to help you produce an essay like that. So, let us begin!
George Washington essays: what to start with
We recommend you find some interesting facts about this person. For instance, do you know that:

  • George Washington was really good at math?
  • His father died when he was 11?
  • He had to work hard (grow tobacco, vegetables, and fruits)?
  • George Washington loved horses very much?

So, several catchy facts can be a good beginning for your George Washington essay.
George Washington essays: the key idea
Surely, only catchy facts are not enough to prepare striking George Washington essays. What you need to do is to think over the main idea you are going to present in your paper. What specific aspects about this American president do you want to consider?
Here are several hints for you:

  • George Washington as a military leader. It is not a secret that Washington’s wisdom and stratagems helped to ruin the British army. What else do you know about Washington as the General of the Army? Tell about it in your George Washington essay.
  • George Washington as a president. If you choose to develop this aspect in your George Washington essay, you have an opportunity to investigate his policy in details.
  • George Washington as an anti-slavery advocate. This can be an extremely interesting issue for consideration in George Washington essays. What was Washington’s standpoint on slavery? Why did not he manage to abolish it?

By the way, do you know that Washington was born in Virginia? This fact can be mentioned if you need to write an essay on Virginia.
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