earth quake essaySome people learn about earthquakes from their own experience. Some of them learn about earthquakes from mass media. You can learn more about earthquakes while writing an essay paper on earthquakes.
Below, you can find ideas that can be covered in earthquake essays.
100% Chance of an Earthquake
Earthquakes are becoming more predictable today in contrast to the past. Seven million earthquakes occur annually; therefore, almost thousands of them occur every day. Investigate the reasons for such a change in your earth quake essay paper.
So, in order to make your earth quake essay more valid and well grounded, do the following:

  • Visit the official website of the United States Geological Survey;
  • Find more statistical data on earthquakes;

Can Animals Sense Earthquakes?
National Geographic’s experts made repeated attempts to discover whether animals can anticipate earthquakes. Despite the numerous cases that were fixed in real life, they did not come to one conclusion. Essay papers on earthquakes that aim to discuss this question can be very interesting to the reader. However, you need evidences to cover and support this issue in your earthquake essay.
So, do the following:

  1. Find information on animals’ anticipation of earthquakes that historians recorded in 373 B.C. in the Greek city of Helice;
  2. Find info on erratic behavior of dogs that is considered to be a forecast of earthquakes.

In contrast to these evidences, the experts of USGS are skeptical about this statement. So, write an essay on earth quake comparing and contrasting both standpoints.
Remember that good essays on earthquakes should correspond to all requirements for essay papers, including proper structuring and formatting.
Our tips for writing Kobe earthquake essay can also be valuable for you.
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