essay on courtesySo, you have to write an essay on courtesy. What is more, your tutor did not specify any problem for discussion. You cannot boast about thousands of thoughts and ideas you can introduce in your courtesy essay. Do not panic! This article will give you some hints for writing an essay on courtesy, and you will certainly get inspired.

  • A Cause and Effect Essay on Courtesy – “Courtesy Is the Best Weapon of Swindlers”
  • .Courtesy is a widely used means of winning somebody’s trust. Unfortunately, some people use it to fraud others. So, write a cause and effect essay on courtesy discussing how courtesy helps swindlers trick. No doubts, such cause and effect essay on courtesy should be well-grounded. Present examples from real life for this purpose. Ask your friends, parents, and relatives about their personal experience of being tricked. Include the stories into your courtesy essay.

  • A Persuasive Essay on Courtesy – “Students at Lectures”
  • . Students break the laws of courtesy very often. The common way students behave at class can be presented as follows: some of them sleep, others just surf the web, and the rest spend time chatting. So, write an essay on courtesy discussing this issue.

  • A Narrative Essay on Courtesy – “A Lesson to the Reader”
  • . Your essays on courtesy of this type will introduce a story that you can either make up or take a real life situation. This story can describe the examples of how ignoring simple rules of courtesy can lead to unpleasant consequences. Your purpose is to analyze that deed and give a lesson to your reader – people should be courteous to each other.

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