essay about communityCommunity… What is a community? This word has several interpretations. Community is a society in general as well as it can be considered as a certain group of people within this bigger community. Probably, you can find some other definitions.
Why is it so important to define it? The point is that before writing an essay about community, you have to look up its definition in a dictionary. You need to have a clear understanding of what you are going to write about.
After that, you can pass to thinking over the main idea of your community essay. This is when you might need additional assistance! So, here are several ideas you can consider in community essays.

  • Essays on community can be devoted to some general issues. In your community essay, describe the main characteristics of community, its effect on the development of a personality and so on.
  • Essays on community can be devoted to particular communities. By the way, such essay can be based on your personal experience. If you belong to a certain community, describe it in your essay.
    Besides, you can tell about gay and lesbian community, Black Americans community, Jewish community, etc in your community essay.
  • Essays on community from a global perspective. Yes, community is a much broader concept than you might think. Thus, your community essay can be devoted to the European Community, for instance. Think whether it can be regarded as a typical community.

So, your task is rather captivating. You just need to think of the most appropriate ways to complete it!
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