essays on Foucault In this article we will talk about writing such interesting papers as essays on Foucault.
So, what do you know about Michel Foucault? First of all, we should admit that he was not only a great philosopher, but also a historian, sociologist and critic.
Here are several ideas that you may use for writing essays on Foucault:

  • You may start essays on Foucault with a description of his works and the impact they had on sciences. His writings served as a basis for different applied sciences.
  • You may underline in your essay on Foucault that this philosopher turned out to be a noticeable figure in our modern Philosophy. His ideas and theories are still up-to-date.
  • You can concentrate on his work The History of Sexuality, where he raised the questions of sexuality.
  • You should mention in essays on Foucault that Michel Foucault worked in the following fields: Philosophy, Biology and politics
  • You can also present his other works in essays on Foucault. The most famous are Madness and Civilization, The Order of Things and The Archeology of Knowledge. You may criticize them or just try to analyze them and introduce your own opinion on the issues covered in those works, whether you agree or disagree with Foucault’s ideas and theories.

The directions of his ideas and works are quite different. You will not have enough time to study all of them and introduce a profound analysis in essays on Foucault. Decide which of his conceptions are more interesting for you and disclose its essence in your essay on Foucault!
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