Flowers for Algernon essayWriting essays about different literature works is one of the possible written assignments for students: Hamlet revenge essay, Sherlock Holmes essay and much more. No doubts, if you know the plot of a book, you can easily prepare an interesting paper.
So, are you assigned to write Flowers for Algernon essay this time? Have you read this science fiction written by Daniel Keyes? If no, then you had better do it. Below you will find interesting facts about the creation of the story and its plot that you can introduce in your essay on Flowers for Algernon
In 1959 Flowers for Algernon was published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction as a short story. In 1966 the author wrote a novel with the same title. You may write about the differences between these two works in essays on Flowers for Algernon.
You can disclose the essence of the novel’s title. Flowers for Algernon… Who is Algernon? If you want to disclose this particular issue in your Flowers for Algernon essay, you should definitely know the plot of the story. Try not to retell the novel in your Flowers for Algernon essay, still take this information into consideration.
Start your Flowers for Algernon essay with presenting the main hero, Charlie Gordon. He is 32 years old and his IQ is 68. Charlie attended classes to improve his writing and reading, and became one of the participants in one experiment. The other participant is a mouse, Algernon. Scientists found the way to increase their intelligence...
This is how the story starts. Analyze the events that took place during the experiment, what happened and present a brief summary in your essay on Flowers for Algernon
You can also include some interesting facts from the biography of the author, Daniel Keyes, in your essay on Flowers for Algernon.
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