essays on World War IWorld War I was the first war in which almost the whole Europe was involved and that changed it dramatically. The debates about this significant historical event do not stop even these days. A lot of scientists introduce new suppositions and explanations on different aspects of the First World War.
You can also try to give your own vision in the essay on World War I. However, it will be difficult if you are not aware of the basic facts about this war. To write a worthy essay on World War I, you will have to find a lot of various sources of information. After that, you should analyze all data. Only then you will be able to introduce your vision of things in your history essay on World War I.
If you really like History, you can write a perfect research essay on WWI. Still, before you start thinking over your research essay topics, let us give you the main issues that should be included in essays on World War I.

  • Discussing the causes and effects of the war is necessary in papers on this topic. Among the main causes you should mention assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Still, all the other premises should be discussed in essays on World War I as well.
  • Talking about the effects in your essay on World War I can be more challenging. Special attention should be paid to the Treaty of Versailles, Treaty of Sevres, Treaty of Saint-Germain and Treaty of Trianon. Tell about the main provisions of these treaties, reaction to them and their overall significance.
  • It is also significant to analyze two main alliances (Entente Powers and Central Powers) in your World War I essay. Tell about the circumstances under which they were established; think about the inner problems of each Power.

Only after analyzing this basic information you will be able to disclose a specific topic in the World War I essay.
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