essay on oilWe would like to start this article with a well-known fact that these days the whole world depends on oil. It is really hard to imagine what our life would be like without oil. Still, oil is not a renewable resource. One day our planet will face the problem when only a few countries will have an opportunity to consume oil that is left.
You have quite a challenging task with your essay on oil. First, to write a worthy essay on oil you have to be really knowledgeable in all the current tendencies concerning this issue. You should be aware of the problems that the modern oil market faces. You need to know the countries that are the main oil importers. Finally, you have to know a lot about all those spheres where oil is used.
Below you will find 3 college essay prompts concerning the topics for essays on oil. Using these hints you will be able to define what kind of background information you need to write your essay on oil.

  1. Modern oil crisis. This seems to be one of the most suitable topics for an essay on oil. Today, the whole world is experiencing a serious oil crisis. The prices on oil sky-rocket almost every day. As a result, prices on energy carriers and fuel are increasing all over the world. So, in your oil prices essay you should tell about the causes and effects of the crisis. Try to make your predictions for the nearest future.
  2. Another good topic for essays on oil is the alternatives to oil consumption. By the way, disclosing such a topic in your essay on oil requires a lot of statistics. For instance, do you know that the United States consume nearly 700 million gallons of oil every day? In the essay on oil you should think whether there really can be a good alternative to using oil in those huge amounts.
  3. Finally, it is a good idea to write an essay about war in Iraq considering the oil aspect. It is not a secret that many experts regard it as an oil currency war. So, in your essay on oil you may express your opinion.

Thus, if you are interested in one of the topics, you can discuss it in your paper.
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