essays on BarbieI am sure that student essay writing on such an exciting topic as Barbie will not be boring. A lot of students, especially girls, definitely have their own opinion on this toy. By the way, giving your opinion in essays on Barbie will be very important. If you just give a description of the toy or tell how it is exciting to have it, you cannot count on a high grade for your essay on Barbie.
There are many issues that can be disclosed in your paper. Particularly, they can be split into positive and negative viewpoints on the doll and its impact on little girls all over the world. If you need some ideas that will help writing essays on Barbie, you can read this article further.
So, let us give you ideas on those positive and negative viewpoints that can be introduced in essays on Barbie.
Negative points of view for an essay on Barbie:

  • Barbie promotes thinness with her appearance.
  • Barbie promotes too glamorous ideas on the way a girl should look and live.
  • Barbie promotes unhealthy way of life and can influence child’s self-esteem.

Positive points of view for essays on Barbie:

  • Barbie allows children to learn how to make a choice independently (when thinking about the clothes for the doll, for example).
  • Barbie can give an idea of future occupation for girls, since Barbie has performed many roles: tennis player, astronaut, presidential candidate and some others.
  • Finally, Barbie turns the playing time into a real excitement.

Now you have several ideas for essays on Barbie. Think over those standpoints thoroughly. Do you have any idea that you would like to support or oppose in your essay on Barbie? Do not forget that essays on Barbie will need strong arguments that will back up your opinion.
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