English essayInterested in English essay writing? Do not know what to write in your English essays about? Looking for some fresh ideas?
Then, you are reading the right article, since you will find here answers to these questions.
Thus, let us cut the story short and talk about some of the issues you can discuss in English essays:

  • Stonehenge is one of the possible topics for your English essay. This place of tourist attraction is popular among people from all over the world. Its origins and mystery around Stonehenge makes it a very interesting issue to investigate in English essays.
  • England is the country of traditions, but not many people know that this country of high morals gave rise to such a culture phenomena as punk and chaos. You may expand on this problem in your English essay writing.
  • Beatles, Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd…this list can be much longer. These are just a few of the outstanding musicians of England. You can devote your English essay to the famous bands, singers. Besides, London chaos clubs are known all over the world. So, you may touch upon this issue in your English essays.
  • You should not forget that England is also known for its monarchy. So, you can consider this topic in your English essays. The choice is up to you: whether you want to stop at one particular monarch and investigate his/her governing, or you may compare two monarchs and their ways of governing, or you can try to find some catchy and intriguing facts from their private life.

  • Not many people know that London is the heart of the high-tech style. Lloyd’s building, Buckminster Fuller, Commerzbank Tower, London Millennium Bridge, and London City Hall are the most well-known buildings. Can London be associated with high-tech? Try to answer this question in your English essay.

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