essay on the Patriot Act11th of September is one of the days that will always live in infamy. It is like the attacks on Pearl Harbor – the day that millions of Americans will always remember. The Patriot Act was a response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. As soon as it was passed, it became another controversial issue. That is why all those who need to complete essays on the Patriot Act will have to write argumentative essays.
To write a good essay on the Patriot Act, you have to think of your personal position on the issue. It is not another essay on History, where you can just highlight the main events. Essays on the Patriot Act should give an analysis of the main aspects of this document.
So, what are these aspects that should be considered in essays on the Patriot Act?

  • First, it will be necessary to introduce the main provisions of this document in essays on the Patriot Act.
  • After that, you will have to analyze those provisions. At a glance, they are designed to protect our nation against any possible attacks. However, a lot of people tend to think that they are violating some of the human rights. This is going to be the central controversial point to be discussed in your essay on the Patriot Act.
  • There is another aspect that can be considered in essays on the Patriot Act. Definitely, Americans realize that such terrorist acts should be prevented by all possible means. However, is it possible without some violations of the human rights? Probably, it is better to sacrifice some liberties in order to protect yourself and your family. Give your opinion in the essay on the Patriot Act.

So, you have one major purpose of writing the essay on the Patriot Act. You have to define whether this measure is really effective and whether it justifies the violations of some liberties.
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