Hamlet revenge essayHamlet is one of the best revenge tragedies of all times. There are a lot of problems that can be discussed about this tragedy.
However, the theme of revenge can be called the central one.
So, you are assigned to write Hamlet revenge essay. First of all, you have to decide on the type of your essay. What about writing an opinion essay? You will introduce your point of view on the problem of vengeance and back up all your suppositions in Hamlet revenge essay with the quotations from the tragedy.
Now we would like to give you several topics for discussion in Hamlet revenge essays.

  • In your Hamlet revenge essay you can discuss the nature of revenge. Particularly, you can do it on the basis of the Elizabethan traditions. Think of all the motivations that Hamlet could have to justify his actions. Give your opinion on whether these motives are strong enough to commit the murder.
  • Another topic for Hamlet revenge essays is the reasons why Hamlet held up taking his revenge. Think of such issues as indecision and self-interest. In Hamlet revenge essay you can give your standpoint on whether these were the true reasons for that.
  • In fact, your Hamlet revenge essay can introduce an interesting analysis and comparison of such tragedies as Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Both these stories give the ugliest sides of revenge. So, in Hamlet revenge essay you can compare this theme in both works of Shakespeare. If you need some help, you can surf the Web for Romeo and Juliet essay tips.

Perhaps, revenge can be sweet in some cases, but mostly it brings tragic events in peoples’ lives, and you will have to prove it in Hamlet revenge essay.
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