essay on Oliver CromwellIf you are going to write a good essay on Oliver Cromwell, remember that Oliver Cromwell was a person who made a significant impact on the British history.

  • The time when Oliver Cromwell was in charge of the country is known as the Commonwealth of England. You may speak about this period in your essay on Oliver Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell proclaimed himself to be the Lord Protector of England after the death of Charles I. You may provide some historical facts in your essay on Oliver Cromwell, describing the most bright and essential events of those times.
  • Oliver Cromwell was born in a family of gentry, but the child grew up with great ambitions. The fact that the leader of a single cavalry troop was promoted to the position of the commander of the entire army is really interesting. After this great quirk of fate, he was elected to the English Parliament, which eventually helped him become the Lord Protector. You are welcome to comment upon it in your essay on Oliver Cromwell, backing up your statements with facts from the history.
  • Some historians regard Oliver Cromwell as a radical dictator, whereas others call him the fighter for liberty. You may consider these different opinions in your essay on Oliver Cromwell.
  • To be able to understand what kind of personality he was and draw own conclusions in your essays on Oliver Cromwell, you need to read his biography and find out more about his life.
  • You may read the works of historians, describing this great personality and base your essay on Oliver Cromwell on them.

As you can see, there are a lot of aspects to consider in your essay on Oliver Cromwell. Choose the one that is more appealing to you.
One more thing to mention: do not forget to proofread your essays on Oliver Cromwell.
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