essay on biotechnologyBiotechnology is another achievement of our civilization. The progress went so far that now it is possible to modify food, agricultural products, clone living beings and do many other miraculous things. This is what you will have to mention in your essay on biotechnology.
The variety of topics for your biotechnology essays is impressive. You cannot decide on a topic that will be significant or interesting enough to write about?! Or, maybe, you have already decided to order custom essay?!
Do not hurry to take advantage of some essay service, because we will try to help you with your essays on biotechnology. Still, we are not going to provide you with some particular topics, but we will tell you about the areas of biotechnology where you can choose a topic from.
So, what are those spheres that you can investigate in your essay on biotechnology?

  • Let us start with agriculture, since the first applications of biotechnological methods can be found in this sphere. The aspects that can be covered in biotechnology essays are: improving and increasing crop yield; making crops less vulnerable to the environment; improving gustatory qualities of food and some others.
  • Your essay on biotechnology can be focused on the medical issues and application of biotechnology in our modern medicine. Here you can choose from the pharmacogenomics, production of drugs, gene therapy. I think it would be rather interesting to investigate the gene therapy in your essays on biotechnology, since it is used for treating and curing such diseases as cancer and AIDS.
  • If you want, your essay on biotechnology can be devoted to the issue of cloning. Here you have a possibility to discuss not only certain medical issues, but also all the controversies and ethical aspects of cloning.

Finally, do not forget to include some historical facts into your essay on biotechnology and tell about the most prominent scholars of this field.
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