essays on summerIf you want to think about something pleasant, you, definitely, think about summer. So, to write good descriptive essays on summer is as easy as it can be, and even enjoyable.

Your descriptive essay on summer can belong either to the category of informal essay or opinion essay (or to some others).

Brainstorming ideas for your descriptive essays about summer

The first thing to do, when starting to write descriptive essays on summer, is to brainstorm ideas on the subject. Let us do this “essay on summer brainstorming session” together. So, take a piece of paper and write at the top of it “essays about summer”.

Done? Now, you need to write all associations that you have with this word - “summer”. Here is our list of associations for your descriptive essay on summer:

Sunshine, beach, hot days, friends, parties, yellow color, great time, vacation, job, ice-cream, tan, garden…

This list of associations for your descriptive essay on summer should be prolonged with your own ideas.

Organizing your ideas for descriptive essay on summer

This is time to organize the ideas you have managed to brainstorm for your descriptive essay on summer. Try to group them according to their meaning into categories, dividing them into nouns, adjectives and verbs. When you start writing your descriptive essay on summer, all these words will help you describe the subject with bright and lively adjectives.

Writing your descriptive essay about summer

This is not easy to start writing. But you have prepared well for the descriptive essay on summer writing process: you have a certain structure and some suitable vocabulary. So, now this is a matter of patience and your writing skills.

All essays about summer are fun to write, since you can “dive” into the warm sunny days and dream about your summer holidays.