essay on My Last Duches“My Last Duchess” is a poem written by an outstanding writer- Robert Browning in 1842. This is a dramatic monologue of the Duke of Ferrara, who is intended to make a second marriage through negotiating in the Court of Tyrol.
Thus, if you are going to write your essay on My Last Duchess, you should prepare yourself for the entire dramatic effect of the poem.

  • The key point of the novel is a terrifying story about the murder of the Duke’s first wife. You may compare the investigations with the ones that take place in the present days in My Last Duchess essay.
    Attempting to show that he is a noble and loving husband, the Duke reveals his real manipulating and jealous nature in the Court. So, you may speak about the problems of hypocrisy in your essay on My Last Duchess.
  • The way the Duke loses his control is described through the rhythm of the poem; you may provide different examples from the poem, proving this statement in My Last Duchess essay. He is compared with the strong power of nature and, thus, shows his unpredictable character and his will to control everything.
  • The Duke tries to depict himself as being offended and deceived by his disrespectful wife; you may analyze this issue in your essays on My Last Duchess. Besides, you may try to provide your own view on the subject: whether you agree with the author or not, supporting your opinion with the citations from the poem in My Last Duchess essays.

  • The Duchess was never under control of the Duke-neither during her life, nor now - when she is dead. On the contrary, it is the Duke, who is controlled by the Duchess, since he has to justify his terrible act in front of the Court. You are welcome to focus your attention on this aspect of the problem in your essay on My Last Duchess.

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