Bridget Jones’s Diary essayThe task, described in this article, will be more interesting for girls, as the ground for this assignment will be a work in the “chick lit” genre.
Bridget Jones’s Diary essay… What can be more exciting and fascinating for writing?! To write Bridget Jones’s Diary essay means to be absorbed in the thoughts about women’s life, their dreams and fears, their love and secret desires.
Helen Fielding is the writer of the novel “Bridget Jones’s Diary”. She has created a splendid work about life of an ordinary woman. Now, it is your turn to create a good essay on Bridget Jones’s Diary.
In order to help you somehow, this article presents you several Bridget Jones’s Diary essay tips, which you may use in your writing:

  • Start your Bridget Jones’s Diary essays with the presentation of the most important information about the main character. Bridget Jones, a single woman of “thirty-something”, lives her ordinary life. She has a flat, several friends, parents and constant problems with weight and men.
  • Develop the idea of career problems in your Bridget Jones’s Diary essay. She works in the publishing industry. She falls in love with her boss. She tries to be funny, but her jokes are clear not for everybody.
  • Point out the ideas about the entire world of the book in your Bridget Jones’s Diary essays. Maybe, the author wants to underline the features of the British culture.

  • Offer the ideas in your Bridget Jones’s Diary essay concerning the possible readers of this book. Think, whether it might be interesting for men and why, what makes this novel readable and catchy for everyone, etc…

To create a perfect Bridget Jones’s Diary essay is not easy. You need to read the book and decide what this book means for you. I think it will be a good start for your Bridget Jones’s Diary essay.
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