essays on Puerto RicoIf you have to write an essay on Puerto Rico, you can choose one of 2 possible ways to investigate this perfect country: either to visit it or to transport yourself there using your imagination. Hardly will you get a financial or physical opportunity to get there. That is why I suggest you just getting enough information on Puerto Rico from the internet and imagine yourself lying under the bright sun of Puerto Rico. Have you imagined already? Now describe your impressions in your essays on Puerto Rico:

  • People. What are the people of Puerto Rico like? Remember that you are writing an essay on Puerto Rico, so, of course, you should not provide detailed information on the bodies you see at the beach. Your essay on Puerto Rico needs more details about the mentality of people and their characters;
  • Geography. Just describe the imaginary place in your essay on Puerto Rico. What trees surround you? What animals are jumping and passing you by? Do you see any mountains or rocks? Do not be afraid to be emotional while describing the surroundings in your essay on Puerto Rico. Emotionally described exotics will certainly touch the bottom of your reader’s heart;
  • Government. What political structure does Puerto Rico have? Can you see beautiful queens and handsome kings around you? Or, perhaps, a strict president rules the country, laying taxes on people? Your reader will like to get to know about it from your essay on Puerto Rico;

  • Culture. Imagine yourself among the most outstanding sights of Puerto Rico. How do you like it? What do you feel? Culture should take place in your essay on Puerto Rico; otherwise, it will sound rather boring.

Now that your excursion to Puerto Rico is over, you are welcome to describe your impressions in your essays on Puerto Rico.
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