essay on coeducationWhat is your personal opinion on coeducation? Are you for or against it? Do not you think that writing an essay on coeducation is one of the possible ways to express your ideas?

When you are at school, your professors prefer to give you various assignments in order to evaluate your abilities and get to know what should be studied more.

So, writing an essay on coeducation has several purposes:

  • See your point of view on this problem;
  • Estimate your essay writing abilities;
  • Check your grammar and spelling;
  • Analyze your creative skills.

You should do your best while writing your essays on coeducation! This article can help you.

Of course, the first task will be to create a good title for your essay on coeducation. You should decide what type of essay you chose:

  • weather you want to describe the peculiarities of coeducation (a descriptive essay on coeducation);
  • or you want to compare it with single-sex education (a compare\contrast essay on coeducation);
  • or, maybe, you are eager to work with the arguments for and against coeducation (an argumentative essay on coeducation).

When you pick out a topic for your essay on coeducation, you should think about a thesis statement – the sentence, which will lead your work. Make sure that this sentence sounds good and strong in your essay on coeducation and has a certain meaning.

So, it is high time to consider the ideas for your essay on coeducation. You have to work with different sources: libraries, the Internet, or your personal experience. With the help of encyclopedias, you may get quite a full idea of what coeducation is about (or co-ed as a shortened form).

All information presented in your essay on coeducation should be true, up-to-date and backed up by evident examples and statistic:

  1. It is better to start your coeducation essay with the historical overview.
    Mixed (or co-ed) schools in the USA (Pennsylvania) appeared in 1787. The first class at the co-ed school contained 36 girls and 78 boys. Because of some unpredictable financial problems, the existence of this institution was stopped and it turned into a single-sex school till the late 1969.
  2. It is interesting to pay attention to statistics in your essay on coeducation: names of co-ed institutions, dates of their appearance and number of students.
    In 1833 the co-ed school in Ohio was credited as the first legal and long-existed co-ed school in the USA – Oberlin College. Four young ladies got their bachelors there in 1841. In fact, there are a great number of such co-ed schools, which appeared at the beginning of XIX century.
  3. It is important to present your personal attitude to such type of schools in your essay on coeducation.
    Write what you think about such co-ed schools. Do you prefer to study at single-sex schools or is it better to attend schools, where the representatives of both sexes study?

When writing your essay on coeducation it is important to consider two main issues: your abilities to write and your abilities to analyze.

Working on your essay on coeducation will certainly be exciting and catchy. Think about the manner of writing and its structure. Your work should not contain any stylistic, punctuation or grammatical mistakes.

Try to make your essay on coeducation creative and original. Find interesting information and analyze it. Choose the best way to present the materials in your essay on coeducation.

If you face some difficulties with writing your coeducation essay, it is always possible to find some help in the Internet – just try!