essay about courageHey, lucky one! Must feel great when you know you should write an essay about courage, and not about a stupid inflation, war on terrorism and death penalty. An essay about courage gives so much space for creativity that it is hard not to get lost in it. This is why you will need a plan and something special to write your essay about courage.
Essay about Courage: The Hero
You can write an essay about courage around a certain hero. Luckily, there is a big choice of them. Note that a hero can be both a real and a fairytale one. An essay about courage that speaks about a real hero can add some sentimentality to your writing. For example, if you consider your Mom, Dad, boyfriend or a dog to be worth devoting an essay about courage to, go for it.
Fairytale creatures certainly bring joking brush strokes to your essay about courage. Such heroes are the Lion (from the Wizard of Oz, remember?) and all the prince-charmings from the Disney movies. Who said that you grew out of these heroes? They are a great idea for an essay about courage.
Finally, a hero for your essay about courage can be picked among the true heroes – historical figures that did a lot. Here everything depends on a definition – what is courage, and who can be considered a hero? Martin Luther King, Abe Lincoln – everything depends on your choice.
Essay about Courage: The Story
Once the hero for an essay about courage is chosen, it is time to work out an outline. Remember that your essay about courage must include Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. It is good to know in advance how you will distribute the arguments and statements in your essay about courage.
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