essays on gangDefinitely, the modern image of a gang is a group of young people with guns, bludgeons and some other things for threatening and injuring people. These gangs are hanging out on the streets and it is really dangerous to meet one.
However, there were times when people were joining the gangs for some other reasons than robbing and killing. There were times when some political and cultural reasons were the main to get involved in a gang.
Essays on gangs can cover different aspects of this phenomenon. You can write essays on gangs from a historical point of view and tell about the gangs of the 19-th century in the United States. For this purpose a famous movie “Gangs of New York” of Martin Scorsese can serve you as a perfect example. According to this movie, in essays on gangs you will be able to disclose this completely different life. You will get into the core of being a gangster in the 19-th century.
In essays on gangs you can investigate the more recent examples of gangs in the United States. We advise you to study this question in essays on gangs form the ethnic point of view, since nowadays the gangs mostly include people of the same nationality.
Essays on gangs can investigate three main types of gangs according to the racial attribute.

  • African American gangs
  • Asian American gangs
  • Hispanic American gangs

You can give the names of the most famous representatives of each of these types in your essays on gangs. For instance, among African American gangs, the most notorious is Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crip. It was formed in 1976 in the streets of Los-Angeles and is regarded to be the largest, since it totals 1600 members.
For essays on gangs you can find such information on almost all mobs of California, New York, Florida and some other states. Try to present a little of history and some other interesting facts in essays on gangs.
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