papers on hurricane KatrinaAugust of the year 2005 was marked by a real tragedy for the United States. It was a year when hurricane Katrina attacked the USA. This terrible event proved once more that a human being is small and weak in front of the nature. Perhaps it was a sign to think of our lives and our values. And after Katrina, what can be more precious than our own life and lives of your close people.
Anyway, today papers on hurricane Katrina became a common assignment for the students. And it is more likely that you have also been assigned this task. Well, let us think together what the papers on hurricane Katrina can be devoted to.

  • Everything will depend on the preferences of your tutor. Somebody may assign to study the hurricane itself and its outcomes in the papers on hurricane Katrina. Somebody may want the students to consider some philosophical aspects in the papers on hurricane Katrina. That is why your main goal is to understand your assignment fully.
  • If the papers on hurricane Katrina do not have a certain topic, then the choice is up to you. And you can choose the next:
    • In the papers on hurricane Katrina some meteorological information can be introduced. Tell about the place where hurricane formed (it was Bahamas), its development and further way towards the United States.
    • Papers on hurricane Katrina may include some information on the government preparations to the disaster. You can study some official government declarations and make a conclusion whether all the possible measures were taken to reduce the effects of the hurricane.
    • Papers on hurricane Katrina should definitely include data on the victims of the calamity, economic and environmental effects.
    • You can also tell about the international aid provided to the United States. By the way, 70 countries offered their help.

Papers on hurricane Katrina can be backed up by illustrations, maps of the hurricane’s landfalls and some stories of the eyewitnesses.
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