good essayBeing a student means being young, full of energy and confidence. This phrase is already outdated, since the present-day students are neither energetic, nor confident in their own abilities. The reason is that they are so overloaded with academic tasks assigned that it seems all they are doing is studying. So, the news about essay writing does not cheer them up that much.
They pass over this piece of a task lightly and, as a result, they are dissatisfied with the grade they get. To get pleasure from the grade got, you should be aware of the main characteristics of a good essay. What does a good essay mean? Let us answer this question.

  • Good essay means your tutor will not beat his/her brains out trying to identify the idea you attempted to convey in your essay;
  • Good essay means your reader will not be bored while reading;
  • Good essay means your reader will not be counting a number of phrases repeated in your text;
  • Good essay means your tutor will not be trying to arrange your essay parts in a corresponding order;

  • Good essay means that commas, dashes, semi-columns and other punctuation are placed where necessary;
  • Good essay means that after having read your essay, the reader will get a burning desire to continue discussion with you tête-à-tête;
  • Good essay means you can be awarded by your tutor’s words of appreciation and thanks for a good job done;
  • Good essay means you feel inspired and wish all those thanks from your tutor repeat once again and apply all your efforts to do it.

As you have already got, a good essay is not that difficult. The main thing is to know the peculiar features of a perfect essay.
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