College personal essays are a part of a long and quite a complicated process of applying to a college. During this process you will have to submit data on your grades, additional activities, recommendations, and test scores. This information is extremely significant for the members of the committee. Thus, they will be able to see your achievements, your skills.
However, all this information cannot give them a picture of who you are, of your characteristics as a personality. You have a possibility to show your nature in college personal essays.
College personal essays can be regarded as a living part of the application. They can give such details about you that the members of the committee will not find anywhere else.
So, let us discuss some other functions of the college personal essays.

  • First of all, you should be aware of the major function and purpose of the college personal essays. The members of the committee can see what you know about the college you want to enter and why you want to do it. Therefore, you should make previous research on the college of your choice and explain everything in details in your college personal essay.
  • Second, college personal essays show your writing skills, which are very important for being at the college. Perhaps, previously you should train a bit, because you will have to show the best you can.
  • College personal essays should reflect your huge desire to study and get higher education. The committee should see that you can make a kind of a contribution into the life of the college in general or that you are a person who can improve the reputation of the college with your outstanding abilities.

  • The general function of the college personal essays is to show the committee that you and the college “fit” each other.

Thus, you should make every effort to write a strong college personal essay. You will have to demonstrate all you talents and expectations.
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