I guess it is clear to everybody that a research essay is about making profound research of a certain topic. By the way, there are no strict rules for writing a research essay. You can control the length of the essay parts and information to be included. The only rule you should never forget is that a research essay should necessarily have an introduction and a conclusion.
So, you get your assignment and again you face the problem of choosing a research essay topic. On the one hand, you understand that there are thousands of various research essay topics. On the other hand, it may seem that a lot of those research essay topics have been already studied. That is why you cannot decide on a captivating research essay topic.
Do not worry. Do you know the reason why we are here? Yes, that is right – to suggest you some research essay topics and give you general information on the correct process of choosing a research essay topic.
These are some rules of choosing a topic:

  • Try to choose a research essay topic that is up-to-date, but not too trite. It means that there is no point in choosing some hackneyed topics, as well as the topics that are not explored properly. In both cases you are more likely to fail your essay.
  • Research essay topics should be interesting not only for you, but also for the audience.
  • Research essay topics should be somehow valuable and give fresh ideas on a particular problem.

Now you can have a look at a small list of our research essay topics:

  • Can the online shops influence retailing?
  • Is it possible that online media replace real newspapers?
  • Does the increase of the population level in the world threaten the humankind?
  • Ethical aspects of surrogate motherhood.
  • What are the reasons for the increase of school violence?

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