Personal experience essay is a kind of written paper where a student tells a story that happened in his/her life, thus, sharing his/her personal life experience. In order to write a good personal experience essay, you should use certain devices to make your narration interesting. A simple and worn story will hardly be interesting. You should complicate it. How to do it? Read below.

  • Complicate your personal experience essay by presenting several events taking place at one and the same time. Although, the secret of this method lies in focusing on one event only. Just choose one of them and make it major. Thus, your reader will not be tired of reading about one and the same people, but will rather have an opportunity to change the focus from one event over to another one. As a result, your personal experience essay will be easier to perceive and more exciting to read;
  • Use “story within a story” device. It is rather effective, so your personal experience essay will sound more realistic. For example, you may start your personal experience essay with telling about your daily activities, and suddenly, you start recollecting some facts about an accident that happened to you in the past. Readers always like realistic narrations, since they want to find something in your personal experience essay that would be similar to their personal life;

  • Take advantage of fantastic elements. This does not mean that monsters should be the main characters of your personal experience essay. In this case, your personal experience essay will turn into an absolute fantasy. You may take the images from your dreams and include them into your personal experience essay. A bit of fantasy and your final paper will sound anxious.

Do not restrict your fantasy to dry narration of some events. Make your reader be involved, and you will make your personal experience essay perfect.
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