Great Expectations courseworkEnglish literature is very rich. It gave the world culture a lot of great poets and writers, whose works are known all over the world.
One of these writers is Charles Dickens. It is one of the most famous English writers of the 19-th century. His novels and short stories are still popular and very interesting to read, due to the outstanding talent of Dickens. In his works he was describing a lot of characters, but all of them are memorable and unique.
There are two most famous stories of Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. We are going to talk about the latter, since you have an assignment to write a Great Expectations coursework.
So, here are some coursework tips on writing your Great Expectations coursework.

  • If you want to be successful in writing your Great Expectations coursework, you should read this novel. You should know all the details and characters, since everything can be important for better understanding of the novel. Take into account that this story is quite big in size and you will not be able to read it all in a few days before you start writing your Great Expectations coursework.
  • In your Great Expectations coursework you should describe and analyze the main heroes of the novel: little Pip, his elder sister and her husband, Mr. Pumblechook, Miss Havisham and her family. All these people are rather closely connected, and in your Great Expectations coursework you should investigate their influence on Pip’s destiny.

  • Think of the main message of this novel. There are several topics that Charles Dickens concentrated on, and you should do the same in your Great Expectations coursework. At least, in your Great Expectations coursework you should focus on the topic of love, friendship, and gratitude.
  • One more prominent topic is a social status. At one point of his life, Pip turned from an ordinary boy into a gentle man. His attitude towards particular things has changed and this is a perfect opportunity to state your personal opinion in the Great Expectations coursework.

I am sure that writing your Great Expectations coursework will be really fascinating for you. Perhaps, it will change your point of view on a number of issues and will help understand something important.
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