If you are given an assignment to write an informal essay- lucky you! This is really one of those tasks that takes little time and can even bring you some enjoyment.
First of all, it would be relevant to talk about some peculiarities of the informal style, and your informal essay in particular.
It all started from division of the language into everyday informal speech and a formal writing style. As you have already noticed, most of your assignments should be written in a formal style, but informal essays give you freedom to apply your everyday experience, speech and language to a paper.
Informal essay is based on a number of elements that should be included in the paper:

  • Informal essay has an interesting, eye-catching title that attracts attention of the reader. It might even incorporate some slang or conversational phrases in order to make your informal essay as reader-friendly as possible.
  • Informal essay consists of the introduction, body and conclusion sections. As usual, the body should be divided into sub-sections- each representing a new idea, or an argument.
  • Informal essay language is rich in popular expressions, slang and even clichés that make your paper more live and appealing.
  • Informal essay sentences should not be too long and overfilled with complicated phrases. Imagine that you are writing a letter to your friend, leaving out some pompous words or vague expressions with no meaning behind them.
  • Informal essay should be based on one idea that you will develop throughout the paper. If you have an interesting story from your life to tell - go ahead and include it in your informal essay.

Next time you get an assignment to write an informal essay, you will think:” Informal essay?! How exciting!”
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