If you are here - on the academic writing website- you probably have a problem with one of your assignments, most likely you look for support in writing a good dissertation. Well, you are at the right place, and it is about time to start writing a good dissertation.
Here are the six steps that were designed exclusively for you in order to help you with writing a good dissertation:
First step to writing good dissertations: focusing on your proposal.
The procedure of writing a good dissertation starts from producing a brief, but convincing dissertation proposal. This paper’s aim is to provide your examiners with your plan of research, which they will or will not approve.
Second step to writing good dissertations: producing a database.
After your dissertation proposal is approved, you clearly know your examiners’ expectations and you are sure in what direction to move. The database is the bottom line of any paper, so you need to gather as much appropriate materials as possible.
Third step to writing a good dissertation: making an outline of the paper.
The database, which you have gathered, will help you create an outline of your dissertation. Writing a good dissertation involves building your paper on the basis of the paper’s outline.
Fourth step to writing a good dissertation: conducting research.
Any good dissertation is based not only on the materials you have managed to find, but your own research results. It does not mean you need to stay at a laboratory conducting a complicated experiment, but researching anticipates analysis and interpretation of certain data.
Fifth step to writing a good dissertation: simply writing it.
You are to sit down, take a piece of paper and a pen and start writing a good dissertation, following your own outline and incorporating all your findings.
Sixth step to writing a good dissertation: edit dissertation, proofread and proofread one more time!
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