Argumentative essay topics influence the entire argumentative essay. That is why you should treat the process of identifying the argumentative essay topic very seriously. We offer you to study the list of the argumentative essay topics criteria presented below, and try to complete all of the criteria contained in the list while choosing argumentative essay topics.
So, your argumentative essay topic has to correspond to the following criteria:

  • The argumentative essay topic has to be closely related to some burning problem, which is being discussed keenly in the modern world.
  • The argumentative essay topic has to presuppose some problem, or a conflict of different points of view.
  • The argumentative essay topic has to interest people, who are expected to read your argumentative essays.
  • The argumentative essay topic does not have to express the author’s attitude to the problem.
  • The argumentative essay topic is aimed to attract the audience to read the argumentative essay, hence, it may contain some mystery, or be formulated as a question, or you may use some other tricks in order to attract more readers.
  • The argumentative essay topic has to be unique. Even if the problem, which is being discussed within your argumentative essay, is far from unique, try to formulate your argumentative essay topic so that it was unrepeatable.

It is really far from easy to create a worthy argumentative essay topic. You should be ready to devote a lot of hours to this task. However, your efforts will be repaid in full by an excellent mark and a great interest in your argumentative essay.
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