Every student might take an undergraduate dissertation as the first serious and large piece of academic writing. It is true, because students write their undergraduate dissertation when they are ready to think and analyze independently. But you should remember that to write a good undergraduate dissertation you should organize your time so, that you would have at least 20 minutes every day to write it.
Once you have decided to write an undergraduate dissertation, you should choose the topic of your dissertation. But keep in mind that you will not write your dissertation well if you do not have enough sources.
Do you know the structure of your undergraduate dissertation? Here it is:

  • Dissertation abstract. It is a brief summary of your dissertation. It should inform on each of the parts of your undergraduate dissertation, avoiding the details;
  • Undergraduate dissertation introduction. You have to present your hypothesis and get the readers acquainted with the question you have formulated at the beginning of your dissertation. Your undergraduate dissertation should also include the methods applied, the subject and object of your investigation, your expectations from the investigation;

  • Undergraduate dissertations literature review. In the literature review you should present the analysis of the sources used;
  • Dissertation discussion. Your undergraduate dissertations should also present data and provide the reader with your personal interpretation of data;
  • Dissertation conclusion. Your undergraduate dissertation should have a conclusion where you present the data resulted and estimate your research in general. What did you achieve? Where did you fail? The undergraduate dissertation should also give recommendations and thanks to those who helped with writing a dissertation.

Thus, your undergraduate dissertation is the 1st step forward to your self-perfection. If you want to become a researcher in your future life, write the undergraduate dissertation first.
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