Is it such a bad and immoral thing to buy a student’s essay?! To get an answer to the question of fairness of buying a student’s essay, it would be a good idea to have a quick glance at the development of humanity, the evolution of relationships and ways of life throughout the history.
Is it possible to find analogy between the process of buying a student’s essay and the process that took place long time ago?! The answer is positive.
Let us open the History course textbook and read it: the first communities produced food and clothes only for their own usage - it was believed to be wrong to sell or exchange your goods with other tribes or communities. Now, look at the modern development of agriculture - farmers are working on the fields not to feed their own families, but mainly to supply others with their products.
So, the evolution of a humanity history changes and breaks commonly-heard stereotypes. So, here are some new statements about buying a student’s essay:

  • To buy a student’s essay means to manage your precious time effectively.
  • If you buy a student’s essay, you are not necessarily a lazy student, but a busy person with a wide circle of interests.
  • There is nothing wrong about buying a student’s essay even if your teachers try to convince you in the immorality of this purchase.
  • Buying a student’s essay is as natural as purchasing food or clothes.

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