Dissertation introduction is the theoretical explanation of the purpose of a certain topic investigation. That is why, when writing dissertation introductions, one should know the rules of writing a dissertation introduction. What should be included into dissertation introductions? What should be omitted? What should you avoid when writing a dissertation introduction? The answers to each of these questions can be found in this article.
The first thing to be mentioned, when writing dissertation introductions, is a clear stating of the problem. Explain why the topic chosen is relevant and why the problem is burning. Your presentation of the topic under investigation may be one sentence or a paragraph long. The main thing is that you should answer the question Why did I make up my mind to investigate this very topic?
The next point to be mentioned in your dissertation introduction is the major purposes of your investigation. You should formulate at least two purposes. Write something like

  1. I intend to investigate the correlation of …to …;
  2. I intend to make sure that…

It is extremely important to present the methods you are going to use while your investigation, such as observations, questionnaires, interviews, etc. Consult your tutor on what methods would be the most helpful for investigating your topic. The methods are the means of achieving the results, so, think of the best means of succeeding.
When writing dissertation introductions, you should remember that your success in a dissertation depends on the correct stating of the purposes and means of achieving these purposes. You should avoid informal language, any use of jargons, slang, etc. Your language should be strictly scientific, because you present the scientific explanation of what you are going to investigate.
So, a dissertation introduction is the foundation of your dissertation project, and that is why you should make it firm.
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