A good student should not only create a perfect dissertation project, but has to be able to write an interesting dissertation critique. Such type of writing as dissertation critique can demonstrate different sides of students’ abilities: writing skills, background knowledge, abilities to analyze different academic writings and logical thinking.
When you get such task as dissertation critique you should take into account several points which are very important.

  1. Dissertation critique: check everything necessary, according to certain dissertation format, requirements for writing style;
  2. Dissertation critique: pay attention to the logical connection of the whole work;
  3. Dissertation critique: notice possible mistakes types;
  4. Dissertation critique: write your personal opinion on the work read;
  5. Dissertation critique: suggest some ideas which may improve this work;
  6. Dissertation critique: analyze the methodology chosen by the writer.

A lot of students do not like to criticize and have no abilities to create a perfect dissertation critique. But there are different situations and, from time to time, students are obliged to present oral or written dissertation critique. So, what you need to remember at first – your dissertation critique should have definite purposes. One of such purposes is to make a reader familiar with the work you are going to criticize.
In order to present an interesting dissertation critique you should have a bit of experience. It goes without saying that you can not criticize a dissertation if you do not know about the subject raised there. So, you obtain necessary knowledge and have a bit of practice and create a catching dissertation critique.
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