To be a teacher is a great challenge: a lot of demands, great number of misunderstandings, never-ending responsibilities and many other things.
When it is a time for coursework estimation, some teachers get nervous: it is very difficult to combine human understanding and professional abilities. That is why a lot of misunderstandings appear when coursework assessment takes place.
A student did some work, spent time and efforts, but the results turned out to be not so positive. “What were the reasons for such coursework assessment”, “Why are teachers so cruel to us?” – these are the first questions, which appear in student’s mind.
In fact, coursework assessment is a difficult task for everybody. We will try to give some pieces of advice in order to make coursework assessment better:

  • Try to be objective. Coursework writing is rather a new task for students and they can make some mistakes at the early stage.
  • Try to understand how important your coursework assessment for students is. It can open new doors for them or close those doors for ever.
  • Try to foresee the results of your coursework assessment and give a chance for students to improve the situation;
  • Try to make the process of coursework assessment effective. Explain the mistakes made by students.

Give them one more chance.
As you can see it is possible to make coursework assessment better if you have the desire and skills.
If you want to be a good teacher, you should take into consideration the importance of coursework assessment. If it is possible, you can create some new methods in order to carry out a coursework assessment.
Students! You should remember that teachers use different methods of coursework assessment. Show your respect, take some time, and consult your teacher, before you start writing your work.
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