Research paper’s outline is a brief plan of your work which represents a list of your research work ideas.
Some students think that creating a research paper’s outline is an extra work which does not have to be necessarily done. But we can confirm that the outline of research paper is really necessary.
The reasons why the outline of the research paper is necessary:

  • Outline of research paper will help you to organize your research work.
  • Outline of research paper provides a plan for the paper.
  • Outline of research paper is often required by teachers.
  • Outline of research paper makes writing a research paper much easier.

But your research work’s outline has to be effective. There exist four significant components of effective research paper’s outline:

  • The first significant component of research paper’s outline: every heading has to preserve parallel structure. It means that if the first word of one of your headings is a verb, then the first words of other headings have to be the verbs, too; or if one of your headings begins with gerund, the other headings also have to begin with gerund.
  • The second significant component of a research paper’s outline: information contained in the first heading has to have the same significance as the information contained in the second one.
  • The third significant component of a research paper’s outline: information containing in the heading has to be general, while the information which contains in subheading has to be more specific.
  • The fourth significant component of a research paper’s outline: each chapter should be divided at least into two parts by sections.

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