Citing a Research Paper As you must have heard, there exist several types of citation. But students often face such a question as “What citation style should I use while citing the research paper?”
We will try to answer this question. To do this, we will name the most usable citation styles and tell you which of them you should use for citing research paper on your particular topic. Besides, we will tell you the general rules of citing the research paper.
Citation styles and their use
There are a lot if citation styles, but not every one of them suits your research work. They are:

  • APA. Is usually used for citing research papers on social sciences.
  • MLA. This citation style is considered for such subjects as literature, humanities and arts.


  • AMA. Is mainly used for citing research papers on medicine, biology and such kind of sciences.
  • Turabian. Citation style, which can be used by college students for citing research paper on any subject.
  • Chicago. This citation style is also used within all subjects by non-academic writers.

All of these citation styles have their own characteristics. There is not a very big difference between them, but it exists. When you choose a citation style for citing research paper, you should consult your research paper advisor.
Citing research paper general rules
While citing your research paper, you should follow some basic rules of citation. They are:

  • You should make sure that all the sources you have used for writing your good research paper are listed in your research paper list of references.
  • Beware of plagiarism (using ideas of other people in your research work).
  • Cite all the sources which you have mentioned in your research paper.
  • Do not forget to mention the author of the quote in the body of your research paper.
  • You may avoid citing if you paraphrase someone’s words in your own.

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