What is the health research?
Health research is a type of research, which requires special knowledge. Health research is normally based on investigation of health. The main goals of health research are discovering, explaining, and revising the student’s knowledge on the aspects of health.
Student’s research on health usually lies in gathering the information about health.
How to do the health researches?
Health research process has a certain structure. In order to complete a good research on health, you should:

  • Decide which particular field of health study you want to research;
  • Define the health hypothesis, or proposal;
  • Collect information, dedicated to your health research topic;
  • Analyze the information you are going to use for your research on health;
  • Test your health hypothesis;
  • Conclusion should be based on the results of your health research.

Health researches methods
It is very important to choose the right scientific methods for your health research. Research methods can be the following:

  • Case study, which is also subdivided into exploratory, critical, narrative, etc. It represents examination of a single aspect of health science.
  • Classification, which consists of recognizing and understanding of some ideas, connected with health study.
  • Experiment, which lies in attempt to prove or disprove some health hypothesis, basing on observations.
  • Health statistical analysis.

There exist a lot of other research methods, which can be used to hold a health research. You need to consult your health research advisor on the research method you should choose.
Types of health research
As the purpose of health research is to produce some new and useful knowledge about health, your research on health can take one of the three main forms:

  • Exploratory health research. It is a type of research on health, which identifies a new problem, connected to health studies.
  • Constructive health research. This type of research on health is trying to find a solution to the problem connected to health.
  • Empirical health research. Research on health of this type tests the problem’s solution with the help of empirical proofs.

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