Developing a statement thesis is the way of organizing the thoughts in the necessary way according to the situation. In the process of developing a statement the person changes the way of writing: instead of describing the facts he or she tries to interpret them.
In the process of developing a statement thesis it is very important to point out the main factors which can be helpful while creating a good thesis statement.
First of all, developing the statement means studying the primary sources of information. Also, it is extremely necessary to make some notes of the ideas coming to your mind in the process of developing the statement thesis. Probably at first it does not seem necessary, but the developing statement is such an unpredictable process that at the middle of the work you understand the necessity of that idea but unfortunately you do not remember its essence, so take notes.
The developing a statement thesis should include the connection of the introductory part with the main body. Very often the person forgets about the ideas introduced before and develops a statement which is not really connected to the topic.
The scheme of developing a statement thesis has its certain rules and ‘eternally neglected points’.
In the process of developing the statement theses you should never:

  • pose the questions;
  • give a promise;
  • make a list of issues;
  • present the combative statement;
  • talk about issues which you are not able to prove.

The developing statement should answer three questions such as ‘why?’, ‘what?’, ‘how?’ Only the answers to all three questions make the developing statement successful.
When you are developing the statement theses, you should remember, that thesis should be specific, interesting and up to the point.
So, as you can see, developing a statement is not an easy task and you should be ready to present it in an appropriate way. For this you can use the information of our site which covers such issues as organizing the thesis.
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