In the process of writing the theses it is very important to pay attention to each part of it as the role of each element is rather specific. The structure of the thesis contains several issues: the title page, the thesis abstract, the thesis introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.
Well, after the title follows the thesis abstract. The task of this article is to illustrate the main points of the abstract thesis. The size of the thesis abstract is not very big, about 400 words. It should not be very complicated in order the reader to make it comprehensible to readers with different degrees of knowledge.
Abstract thesis presents the necessity of the work, highlights the important information and in some way predicts the results of the research.
It is very important to avoid repletion of information in the abstract thesis.
Also, the abstract thesis should give the explanation to your writing process, the reasons for your research, the methods of you work, the results and their importance.
Very often the abstract thesis is compared with the summary. An abstract thesis should also be written on a separate shit of paper and presented independently from the text. The readers, firstly, pay attention to the thesis abstract. So, the abstract thesis should make positive effect and make the reader want to go on reading.
In the text of thesis abstract it is desirable not to use shortenings, abbreviations and unknown terms. It is not necessary to write a lot and to add a lot of extra words, such as ‘I think…’, ‘to my mind…’, ‘it goes without saying…’ and others.
So, the main characteristics of the thesis abstract are simple language, informative character, and a small size.
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