“1984” is a great novel by George Orwell which was proposed to the public in far 1949. This novel tells about the understanding of communism, Stalin’ s reforms, development of the three political powers, e. t. c.
As a student you face the task to read this novel, and it s not a surprise that you can be assigned an essay on ‘1984’.
Of course, at the very beginning you have to read it carefully, make some notes and think over the ideas of the author. In order to create great ‘1984’ essays you must be aware of all facts, even small details. You can surprise your professor if in the ‘1984’ essay you can pay attention to some special peculiarities.
The topics for the ‘1984’ essay can be rather different:

  • Politician preferences of the characters;
  • Ministry of Truth Ideas;
  • Oceania and the People Inside;
  • Winston and His Ideas of Paradise;
  • Love vs Communism: The Impossibility Becomes the Reality;

It depends on the student which topic he\she wants to illustrate in the ‘1984’ essays. Very often the professors give you a freedom of choice.
It is very important to cerate a capturing title for the essay on 1984. Looking at the title the reader makes the decision: whether to continue reading the 1984 essay or not.
In the introduction of 1984 essay it is important to say a few words about the author, the novel’s impact on literature, author’s main works and underline the fact of why you have decided to write a ‘1984’ essay.
The main body of the ‘1984' essay is the part where you can write all of your ideas, your suggestions and your investigations.
The final part of the ‘1984’ essay is the conclusion. Here you present the results of your work, your impression about the novel.
The ‘1984’ essay can be the starting point of your further investigation of the works by George Orwell. In order to get the degree, if you like the works by this author, you can suggest your further researches.
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