Writing a coursework is an expected assignment of every student’s life. GCSE coursework can be of different types, and that is why we should pay attention to each of such types and be aware of the requirements for the coursework.
Do you have an assignment to write a coursework on English? Are you completely lost with what to do? Do not worry. Our guidelines can help you to write a good coursework on English. The rules are not really difficult but carefully generated.
First of all, you should know what the coursework on English can be about. Well, while writing your courseworks on English you can:

  • analyze different literature pieces of art;
  • study the history of the language;
  • examine lives of different English writers, their impact on literature and language in general;
  • describe the peculiarities of art and culture;
  • observe different genres of literature;
  • express your own points of view about any outstanding phenomena in the language or in literature you are interested in;

If a coursework on English seems so frustrating use our pieces of advice and create an excellent coursework on English:

  • create a captivating topic for your coursework on English;
  • try to subdivide the coursework on English into concrete chapters and if it is necessary create the sub-chapters;
  • the language of the coursework on English should be clear;
  • it is not necessary to write a lot, there is a word limit on the coursework on English, about 3000 words;
  • write an English coursework content page and develop your ideas according to it;
  • REMEMBER, your coursework on English should be edited and proofread several times thoroughly as this very type of coursework demonstrates your abilities in writing and awareness of the subject. Fewer mistakes you have – more chances you have to get an A+.

As you can see the coursework on English requires a lot but if you have enough background knowledge and can express your thoughts correctly you can easily cope with this assignment, especially having such wonderful tips given above.
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