According to the rules set by the Modern Language Association (MLA) a new style of an essay formatting was created on English and the humanities courses. Nowadays it is known as the MLA essays. The process of editing MLA essays is based on the following requirements:

  1. Times New Roman, 12
  2. Double spacing
  3. All margins are equal to 1
  4. Numeration of the pages
  5. Word count is about 2000 words

Then, while editing MLA essays you should pay attention to the structure:

  • Title page – name of the performer, name of the professor, title, date. It is obligatory to put the title. It should be short and clear.
  • The introduction of the MLA essay underlines its uniqueness and importance, interesting topic and creative investigation. Editing MLA essay means that you should read the information aloud and see whether it is clear for you or not.

  • When you write the main body of the MLA essay you should not use only one, even very informative, source. It is better to present several standpoints and create the exciting MLA essay. Editing MLA essay presupposes here checking the structure of the sentences and its connection to each other.
  • When it is time for the editing MLA of your conclusion you should take into consideration not only the ideas from the books and other sources, but suggest your vision of the problem. And if you notice that there are the ideas from the book only try to redo them.

It is very important to underline that in the MLA essay you can not use such entry phrases as “I think…”, “To my mind…”, “From my point of view…” e. t. c.
So, watch while editing MLA essay lest you should use them. The MLA essay already means that those are your ideas and your standpoints. If you want to add the citation you should write it out a word by word. If you use someone’s idea and do not point this out in your work, it can be considered as plagiarism. In the MLA there is no place for slang or jargons (in case if your MLA essay has the topic on such topics the rule is not applicable).
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