Such a notion as master thesis takes place in the life of every student. That is why it is very important to be aware of the requirements concerning the examples of master theses.
First of all, before writing the master thesis you should show that your bachelor’s thesis has already been done and you are ready for the new tasks.
Examples of master thesis are rather different, but as for the structure, very often it is the same:

  • the title page;
  • the contents;
  • the abstract thesis(there you point out the purpose of the master thesis, the used methods, the possible results);
  • the introductory part;
  • the literary review;
  • the main body;
  • the conclusions;
  • the appendix;

In the examples of a master thesis it is important to present some personal views, not the theoretical facts only. If you have some ideas it will be rather interesting to expree them, instead of forcing yourself to write whatever you are to write, if you are not even aware of the basic points of the project.
You should know exactly the purpose and the essence of the master theses. The examples of master thesis should help the reader to know more about the work.
In the examples of a master thesis you should pay attention to the points of plagiarism. There are a lot of programs which can be helpful in this.
The master thesis examples can have various topics: science, chemistry, linguistics, religion, politics, even sport and many others.
In order to make your master thesis successful you should use as many sources as possible. The more sources you have in your master thesis the more you have chances to get a good mark.
Also, the examples of a master thesis should not be very large, for not everyone is eager to read a lot about one and the same thing. At the same time the information of the examples of a master thesis should be fresh and understandable.
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